For millennia, men the world over have been obsessed with penis size. Sly jokes, furtive glances in the locker room and wildly exaggerated claims of endowment convincingly suggest that "penis envy" is a decidedly male trait. Now, from the hinterland of Canada, a nerdy, pseudo-science minded individual invites you to participate in "The Definitive Penis Size Survey" which boldly dares to address the following perplexing questions:

what precisely is an "average" penis size?
can penis size be correlated with other attributes?
are men of certain ethnic/racial groups more endowed than others?
to what extent are men satisfied with their size?

The author humbly reminds one and all that in order to arrive at valid answers to the above questions, it will be necessary to assume that all participants are acting in good faith by providing accurate and precise data. Results of the survey will be posted and up-dated on a regular basis on the results page.

It is highly advisable that you tag this page with a bookmark, print out a hard copy, perform the various measurements required in Sections B and C and then return to enter and submit your data.

Without further ado let's begin "The Definitive Penis Size Survey"!


1) Age

2) Weight (taken naked)

3) Height

4) Waist measurement

5) Marital status

single cohabiting
married divorced

6) Sexual orientation


7) Country of residence

8) State or Province (for American and Canadian participants)

9) Ethnic background of parents and grandparents

In filling out the following table, please be as specific as possible. Specify for example, "German" instead of "Caucasian", "Chinese" instead of "Asian" etc. If you are Black, use the notation "Black (country)" (ex. Black (USA)). If you are uncertain about your ethnic origin, or if your lineage is highly mixed, simply enter your racial type (Caucasian, Asian or Black).


10) At the time of my birth, my mother was years old and she had previously given birth to (enter number) children.


Five of the following questions pertain to penis size and require the use of a tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure you can improvise by using a strip of paper and marking off the various measurements with a pencil and determining their values later with a ruler. Please follow the directions exactly and be as accurate as possible. If you use a vacuum pump or a similar device, please take all measurement in your natural state. For precision purposes, all measurements in this section are to be given in millimeters. For example a length of 3.2 centimeters should be expressed as 32 millimeters.

11) Length of flaccid penis. (This measurement is to be taken in a standing position when your penis is at its shortest size. The tape measure is to be placed at the base of your penis and the "outer surface" is to be measured from the base to the tip of the head. If you are uncircumcised, disregard any overhanging foreskin.)

The length of my flaccid penis in millimeters is

12) Length of stretched flaccid penis. While still flaccid, grasp the head of your penis between your thumb and index finger and stretch it to its point of maximum distention without causing pain. Without releasing your grip, measure the distance from the base to the tip of the head. If you are not sure about how to take this measurement, please refer to the illustration.

The length of my stretched flaccid penis in millimeters is

13) Length of erect penis. When you are at a maximum state of arousal, position your penis perpendicular to the rest of your body and measure the surface facing you if you are lying down or, if you are standing, the upper surface. Press your measuring device against your pubic bone and record the length from the base to the tip of your penis. If you are not sure about how to take this measurement, please refer to the illustration.

The length of my erect penis in millimeters is

14) Maximum length of head of penis when erect. Measure the length from the base of the head to the tip of the head at its longest point when erect. If you are not sure about how to take this measurement, please refer to the illustration.

The maximum length of the head of my erect penis in millimeters is

15) Maximum circumference of erect penis. (Please do not confuse circumference with diameter. Circumference can be defined as the distance around a circle.) Measure the circumference of your erect penis at the position of greatest girth. (If you are not sure about how to take this measurement, please refer to the illustration.)

The maximum circumference of my erect penis in millimeters is

16) Position of greatest girth.

base uniform
head other (indicate distance from base) millimeters

17) When erect, my penis is;

straight but deviates to the left or right

18) Circumcision status.



The following questions will determine if there is any correlation between penis size and other bodily characteristics. As in Section B all measurements are to be given in millimeters.

19) My shoe size is

20) My big toe is millimeters long.

21) My thumb (as measured from the palm surface from the tip of the thumb to the palmar crease) is millimeters long.

22) Bend your middle finger to your palm and mark the position of contact. Measure the distance between this mark and the tip of your middle finger in its normal, extended position. This distance is millimeters.

23) Measure the length of your nose by determining the distance between the bridge and tip. This distance is millimeters long.

24) Using a flexible measuring device such as a tape measure, strip of paper or a piece of string, measure the width of your nose as follows: Immediately after a normal exhalation and without flaring your nostrils, drape your measuring device over your nose at it's widest point (your device will be in the shape of an inverted U). Mark the spot where the nostril begins on each side of your nose, remove your device, straighten it and measure the distance between the two marks. This distance is millimeters.

25) My natural hair color is (If your hair is gray, please state your original color).

26) With respect to my natural, unshaven state, my chest is;

moderately hairy
very hairy


This section will attempt to determine if there is a correlation between penis size and certain personality traits (I did mention that I'm pseudo-science minded didn't I?) In a certain sense the questions posed below are of a more personal nature than that of Section B and if you are not comfortable about answering one or any of them, then don't (but only for this section please).

27) I am employed as a .

28) I tend to internalize my feelings. Yes No

29) I possess strong self-confidence. Yes No

30) I have a hot temper. Yes No

31) I have assaulted someone in the past year. Yes No

32) I consider myself to be more of a leader than a follower. Yes No

33) I am a risk taker. Yes No

34) I have a high sex drive. Yes No

35) Sexually, I am more active than passive. Yes No

36) Within the past year I have had different sexual partners.

37) On average, I have alcoholic drinks per week.

38) I enjoy participating in competitive sports. Yes No

39) I am a body builder. Yes No


This section is intended to determine the accuracy by which men gauge penis size. You may use whichever unit of measurement you are most familiar with - either inches or millimeters. The correct lengths will be provided at a later date on the results page. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the individuals who donated photos for this section. If you would like to be included, please read the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Height: 1.96m (6'5")

40) I estimate that when erect, this subject's penis is long.

41) Compared to my own flaccid penis, this subject's penis is;

about the same size

42) I consider this individual's endowment status to be;

well endowed


Height: 1.73m (5'8")

43) I estimate this subject's erect penis to be long.

44) Compared to my own erect penis, this subject's penis is;

about the same size

45) I consider this individual's endowment status to be;

well endowed



The following questions have been designed to assess subjective beliefs and attitudes towards penis size.

46) I consider an average erect penis size to be long and in circumference.

47) I consider myself to be;

well endowed
averagely endowed
modestly endowed

48) I consider men of my ethnic group to be;

well endowed modestly endowed
averagely endowed no opinion

49) With respect to my size I am;

not content

50) With respect to my circumcision status I am;

not content

51) I avoid situations in which my penis may be exposed to public scrutiny (by using a stall instead of a urinal, avoiding saunas etc.). Yes No

52) I avoid situations in which my penis may be exposed to scrutiny by male members of my family. Yes No

53) When I encounter a man I perceive to be well endowed in a non-sexual setting (e.g. a public shower), my initial reaction is one of;

envy awe/admiration don't know (have never had this experience)
intimidation sexual arousal other (please specify)
inadequacy indifference  

54) I consider penis size to be;

very important not very important
somewhat important irrelevant

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions concerning this page.

For more effective promotional purposes, please indicate how you learned of this site;

link from another site (please specify)
search engine
newsgroup posting (please specify)
magazine article (please specify)
word of mouth
other (please specify)

Please note that your response to this questionnaire will be sent by e-mail. However, all information transmitted, including your e-mail address, will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Whew! Congratulations - you've survived "The Definitive Penis Size Survey". One hundred thousand thank yous! Remember to consult the results section to see how you measure up!


In an attempt to determine the accuracy of data submitted thus far, a "Measurement Verification Project" (MVP) is being undertaken. If you have the means to take an erect measurement photo of yourself, either digitally or conventionally, and would like to participate, then please consult the MVP Homepage for more information.


If you have an electronic means of photographing yourself and transmitting the image via e-mail then I would like to hear from you. Section E, introduced last year, is designed to test the accuracy with which men gauge penis size. I require two, original and anonymous photographs depicting the following:

1. one's penis either flaccid (taken "head-on" while standing) or erect (taken in profile perpendicular to the rest of the body while standing) including the area between navel and mid thigh and;

2. a photo similar to the above but with the inclusion of a tape measure placed on the penis clearly indicating its length for verification purposes.

In keeping with the non-pornographic nature of my site, the pictures should appear as clinical as possible (e.g., one's penis should be devoid of any ornamentation). I will also need to know the person's height.

Although it may appear frivolous or even silly, this section will constitute an important part of the questionnaire as it will shed some light on male penile perception, a topic about which very little is known.

Richard Edwards
Revised March 10, 2001


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